Episode #11: Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

July 11, 2016

This Week: Talking about cooking in the summer, how to keep from overheating and still eat well



  • Summertime Drinks:

    • Drink -summer beers (low abv, light, crisp, citrus) Sara's suggestions - Ruby redbird & El toro

    • Sweet/unsweet tea

    • Fruit tea + ice + nalgene full of water

    • Sparkling Water

    • Sodastream

    • Totally forgot to talk about this on the show, but

  • What do you eat when it’s too hot to eat?

    • Grilling-- Sara’s dad’s technique for never ever ever turning on the a/c until absolutely necessary and the home repairs that never end

    • Grill avocados/onions/peppers before making guacamole

    • Use olive brine to baste anything you are grilling, shave garlic over resting meat

    • Spicy Stuff

    • Salads. All the salads! Lettuce and fruit salads. Yum.

    • stuff you don’t cook -night of 1000 snack trays


    • Ceviche, all the ceviche!

    • Use appliances other than the oven to cook, like the crockpot or Meredith’s favorite a Panini Press.

    • Cook in the oven early in the morning! Take the opportunity to cook Bacon in the Oven!! Bacon in the oven - line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, place bacon on sheet and put into a cold oven, set to 400 degrees and set a timer for 20 minutes

    • Hot fruit desserts! Here are some good recipes to check out.

    • Sara’s Patriotic Jello Shots!

    • Frozen Coolwhip! Chocolate Graham Crackers with Coolwhip! Frozen. So good. You can also just eat it straight out of the tub. Sara makes it like a lasagna layered with Graham Crackers, Coolwhip! And jam.

    • Frozen fruit as ice cubes. Sara likes Frozen grapes.

    • HOMEMADE ICE CREAM! Make a cake with ice cream! Meredith is making an ice cream cake for getting over 10,000 listeners! And you don’t need an ice cream maker - using a food processor to make it. Freeze homemade custard in the freezer overnight and then pulse to creamy consistency.

    • Granitas

  • Make alike Chic-fil-A nuggets

  • Homemade Waffle Mix - using this recipe

  • Tuna Poke - so yummy! @FitMenCook

  • Smitten Kitchen’s Red Velvet Cake Recipe

  • Egg cups - chop veggies (tomato, onion, garlic, kale), sautee veggies in a pan, wilt spinach, butter/spray muffin tin cups, scramble eggs with a little milk, put veggies in muffin cups and add a little bit of scrambled eggs to each cup, top with cheese! WARNING: be careful - because people apparently really like these and will steal them out of your office fridge. Don’t go all Ross on them!


She was like: MY EGG CUPS!!



  • Net Galley (from Leslie Shaipe of @talkingpicturesnc and @sugarbakergirls)


  • Learn more about spicy foods: 

  • Disney Land

    • Sara’s favorite ride Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

    • Meredith’s favorite - the OG Pirates of the Carribean, or The Haunted Mansion

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